Sunday, October 29, 2006

Swedish Mafia on Wikipedia.

Here is something you should know about Axwell on Wikipedia, in case you missed the link. I didn't know he started his music producer career with trackers? Well that's some news. It is nice to know he once used to be the part of the "scene", if you know what I mean. Be sure to check it out, it is a very recent article with lot of info on him. Funny thing is Eric Prydz's and Steve Angllo's sections do not hold much of the information in general. I guess Axwell is really starting to work on his popularization with his recent remixes of quite popular people like Madonna or Nelly Furtado, but still none of it is big as Prydz's "Call on me". We just still have to wait and see. I dont want to comment lot of Steve Angello's recent work. Let's just say "Teased Mr. Charlie" is not much of a suprising. Ah and I forgot about fourth member of the crew fella Sebastian Ingrosso, his section is still unfortunatelly emtpy.

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