Sunday, November 04, 2007

"Your kind of house music" poll results

25 (8%)
110 (35%)
54 (17%)
66 (21%)
18 (5%)
14 (4%)
23 (7%)

Votes so far: 310
Poll closed

(HMB) November Chart

1. Bob Sinclar feat. Steve Edwards - Together (Eddie Thoneick Remix)
2. Funkerman Feat I-Fan - The One (Original Mix)
3. Funkerman – Speed Up (Original Mix)
4. Kurd Maverick - Let's Work
5. David Guetta -
Baby When The Light (Fred Rister & Garraud Remix)
6. Eddie Thoneick - Together as one
Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand – Let Me Think About it (Club Mix)
8. Deadmau5 – Will Fail (Original Mix)

9. Pryda - Muranyi
10. Freemasons - Uninvited (Radio Edit)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Funkerman - Speed Up Lyrics

Try to keep up with me
'Cause I can give you some
All the loving you need
I give you such a rush
Baby step up your game
Keep up with my pace
Girl I know that you want it
Don't hesitate

I want you behind my bedroom doors
Ready or not, we're about to speed up
I'm lovin' you girl

I can give you 100 percent of me
If you'd come I'm sure that you will see

Sunday, October 21, 2007

October Video Update

After little pause I'm back with fresh house videos. Enjoy ;)

Funkerman - Speed Up

Freemasons - Uninvited

Shapeshifters - New Day

Sugababes - About You Now (Spencer and Hill Remix)

Ida Corr vs. Fedde Le Grand - Let Me Think About It

Friday, September 07, 2007

(HMB) September Chart

1. B.E.D Ft Chloe Myers - Before I Leave (Freemasons Radio Mix)
2. The Beach and Tia - Suntan (The Alibi 2007 Club Mix)
3. Charlean Dance - Mr DJ (Moto Blanco Radio Edit)
4. Offer Nissim Feat. Maya - Wish You Were Here (Offer Nissim Original Mix)
5. Yvan & Dan Daniel - Enjoy The Silence
6. David Morales - Logic (Original Mix)
7. Freemasons - Uninvited (Bailey And Rossko Remix)
8. Plumb - In My Arms (Bimbo Jones Extended Mix)
9. Soul Survivor - Bring It Back (Classic Club Mix)
10. Mario Ochoa - Tnt (Original Mix)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

DJ Mag Top 100 2007

It seems that DJMag top 100 DJ list has been a tradition from 1997. Before that time only people in music industry and the ones related to it were able to contribute towards building this annual candidate shortlist.
In case you have
extra spare time it would be nice if you could go and cast your vote for your 5 favorite DJs, (preferably house music DJs haha)
It is already well known that past few years trance music DJ's are dominating on the top100 dance music charts. Nothing left us to do but to hope that house music will also broaden its popularity sometime in future ;)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

August House Videos Update 2

Booty Luv - Don't Mess With My Man

Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Asle & Anne new single "save me" to be released

Asle Bjørn( Golden sun) & Anne K (Powderdust) names behind danish progressive vocal house project announced new single "Save me" yet to be released. The track will be out on Radio stations from monday the 20th and available for download from the middle of september. As we all remember Asle & Anne received big recognition and a breakthrough with their first single called "Lucky you", which topped charts in eastern Europe last summer. Their new single can be previewed on their myspace page.

Monday, August 13, 2007

(HMB) August Chart

1. Sharam - The One (Club Mix)
2. The Shapeshifters - New Day (Extended Mix)
3. Antoine Clamaran & Mario Ochoa Ft Lulu Hughes - Give Some Love (Original Extented)
4. Axwell - I Found U (Remode)
5. Best Of Disco Galaxy - Loosing My Religion
6. Johnny Fiasco - Hijacked
7. Natural Rhythm - Saturdays
8. Tomcraft & Republica - Ready To Go (Radio Edit)
9. Weekend Masters - I Found A Love (Dennis the Menace & Jerry Ropero Dub)
10. Dos Palomas Negras - Don't Wanna Go Home (Original Mix)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

August House Videos Update

Edun - Put 'em Up

Shame I didn't put this video on sooner. It's such a good vocal house/dance track. Lyrics can be found on this page.

Fireball vs Bob Sinclar - What I Want

I've put this video just because beautiful sights and maybe because of its mild connection with the house sound. No one can say that the latest Bob Sinclar's work is bad or lacks of quality, I just think this man slowly drifted into more commercial dance music waters away from quality house tracks he used to produce. Still, this is a catchy tune and also I can't believe how big, husky guy can have such a gentle voice :). Enjoy!

DJ Jean - Sexy Lady

Some power electro house from DJ Jean. This guy is very well known on Dutch hard trance scene, so it is interesting to hear some house works from him. Pretty good tune, thumbs up!

Kanye West and Daft Punk - Stronger

There is a one word that can describe Daft Punk and it is "Legends". This new video feautrues blend of electronic and hiphop music alongside with new lyrics from Kanye West. Really interesting.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

New Releases Begining of August

This last two weeks have been loaded with new releases from well established house artists like Roger Sanchez, Chris Lake, Michael Gray, Antoine Clamaran, Sharam and The Shapeshifters. It has really been crazy week so I just had to mention some of the new releases so you wouldn't miss them. It is really weird to have all these famous names summed upon together with new releases within past few weeks.

After their latest single "Pusher" the Shapeshifters did it once again. New track is called "New Day" and thera are currently two versions of the tune available, nocturnal and extended version. Surely this number is going to increase and some of the new mixes will be delivered from Eric E and Mark Picchiotti. After few tech-house and trancy house "experiments" they are going back to the roots again with their recognizable disco house sound. Dreamy violin strings are mainly dominating on this track followed by stunning female vocals. You can hear and read more about the track on Shapeshifters myspace page!

Roger Sanchez recently teamed up with Tom Stephan under his S-Man guise for a hot new electro house record called ‘Hold On Me’ You can read about it more here and also preview or buy the track.

Michael Gray released also a new track under his alias Robotman which was featured in Mixmag as a track of the month. It is a electro style tech-house track with banging vocals. Preview

Man who refurbished Eddie Murphys track "Party all the time" and gained big recognition as a solo artist and not just part of a famous duo Sharam Tayebi, nailed another one and this time it is a rework of one of the songs from celebrated pop artist Daniel Bedingfield, his track called "If your not the one". I must say it is excellent piece of work.

Chris Lake, talented producer behind huge hit "Changes" and a follow up "Carry me away" made a tech-house electro tune named "To the point". Hear the preview on his myspace page.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Kaskade brings new mixed cd

Kaskade has made a new mixed cd called "Bring the Night", a solid mellow vocal house groove with the standard, high level of house music quality expected from Kaskade. It contains some of his new remixes of Nelly Furtado and Floetry and also a Dirty South remix of his track "Sorry". For more info on this mixed cd visit this page where you can also check out his tour dates.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

DJ Awards 2007

"The DJ Awards is a celebration of gratitude to honor the peoples favorite DJ. It is not a competition and the results are not to be taken personal. What is very important is the music and the message of love that resonate from generation to generation."

This years DJ Awards will be held at Pacha Ibiza on 27th September, and you can vote for your favourite House DJ. All registered users enters into competition to win 10 vip tickets for this event. Vote and enjoy if you happen to be one of those lucky winners!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Axwell - I Found You (Video, Lyrics)

Everybody wanna know
Why I'm walking 'round with a big smile on my face
Hey I'm happy and it shows
Hey I'm back and I'm proud of the human race
'Cause you know I've been down so long
Never thought I'd ever feel this way again
And everything was going wrong
'Till you found me and you made me believe again

I found you, I found you, I found you
And I'm happy that I found you

I don't know what you did,
But what you did to me keep on doing it up
I'm so happy I wanna fly,
'Cause your love keeps on taking me high
'Cause you know I've been down so long
Never thought I'd ever feel this way again
And everything was going wrong
'Till you found me and you made me believe again

I found you, I found you, I found you
And I'm happy that I found you

David Guetta Feat. Chris Willis - Love is Gone Lyrics

Joachim Garraud & Fred Rister Remix

What are we supposed to do
After all that we've been through
When everything that felt so right is wrong
Now that the love is gone

There is nothing left to prove
Now you still deny the simple truth
Can't find the reason to keep holding on
Now that the love is gone

Monday, July 23, 2007

July House Videos Update 3

The Shapeshifters - Pusher

A bit different trancy electro house style from The Shapeshifter, but not poorer with quality or house music experience. Vocals are just great as usuall. Youtube description says this video was filmed in Margaret Thatcher's nuclear bunker! Is this confirmed info? :) Enjoy it!

Sunfreakz Feat. Andrea Britton - Counting Down The Days

I simply love this track. It just radiates that pure house summer feeling with especially excellent lyrics and vocals from Andrea Britton. Sunfreakz is a project from Belgian producer Tim Janssens, who first made trance music and just few years afterwards shifted to house.

Paris Avenue - Feel It

Pumping groove sound from Paris Avenue, a follow-up to top 20 hits "I Want You" and "In My Mind". Personally my favorite is "In My Mind", nothing beats that powerful synth melody

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Freemasons Australian Radio Station Interview

Freemasons recently done an interview for an Australian Radio Station called Joy 94.9. Its being aired on Sunday 22nd July 2007 about 2:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time which will be about 5:30am UK Time.
If you unfortunately miss the interview then you can always download the Podcast or simply listen online but your need the Quicktime plugin installed in your browser. To listen follow this link and click on LISTEN button. Make sure you have one of these (Windows Media Player, WinAmp, Real Player, Itunes) programs installed before trying to listen to the show.

Friday, July 20, 2007

(HMB) July Chart II

1. Jax 'n' F Feat. Craig Smart - Sunshine (Extended Mix)
2. Timbaland feat. Justin Timberlake & Nelly Furtado - Give It To Me (Roberto Bedross Club Remix)
3. Rihanna - Umbrella (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Club Remix)
4. Whelan And Di Scala feat. Nikki Belle - Sunset To Sunrise (Hott 22 Remix)
5. ATB - Feel Alive (Sunloverz Club Remix)
6. Beyonce - Green Light (Freemasons Club Vox)
7. Wawa Vs Hilary - Stranger (Wawa Club)
8. DJ DLG And Redroche Feat Yota - Let You Go (Original Mix)
9. Peak Time Killerz - Want You Back (Wawa And Thomas Gold Remix)
10. Chris Lawyer & Thomy - We Gonna Feel It (Gambafreaks vs Sound Academy Club)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Alexandra Prince - Queen Of House

Alexandra Prince has a new single gone out called "Rising High". She's a true rising star amongst house music vocalists as she worked with top-notch house artist and music producers. You all probably remember her from massive summer hit "So Many Times" produced by Gadjo in 2005 which really launched her carrier and got her plenty of recognition. She is a Germany, Hamburg based female vocalist with a Brazilian and German heritage. Her latest single "Rising High" was produced by non other than Syke 'n' Sugarstarr and released on Kontor Records. For more info on Alexandra visit her official webpage or her myspace where you can also preview her latest single. You gotta admit she has a nice hypnotizing voice.

July House Videos Update 2

David Guetta - Love Is Gone

There is no need describing this man. Enjoy this video of his latest single "Love is gone". Personally I think he has much better tracks than this one, atleast the video is a little funny.

Josh Wink - Higher State Of Consciousness

This is 2007 Remix by Dirty South and TV Rock of once groundbreaking acid house club anthem from Josh Wink.

Friday, July 13, 2007

July House Videos Update

Yves Larock - Rise Up

This video features some freestyle jumping rope moves. I really couldn't see this one coming as an inspiration for Yves Larock's Rise Up video, but I can honestly say it goes really well with this unofficially proclaimed 2007 summer anthem.

Alibi vs. Rockefeller - Sexual Healing

If you can say "never enough" to the beautiful girls who shake their booties in house music videos then you should definitely check this one out. Alibi and Rockefeller (Beatfreakz) made a good up to date remix of an old Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" song.

Monday, July 09, 2007

(HMB) July Chart

1. Alex Gaudino Vs Nari And Milani - Year Of The Cat (Original Mix)
2. Sergio Del Rio - Gulo (Gambafreaks Vs Fedo Mix)
3. Pain & Rossini - Don't Lose It (Happy Hour Mix)
4. Afrotech - Our Way (Jerry Ropero & Michael Simon Mix)
5. Soundbluntz Feat Cheyne Coats - (Maybe Youll Get) Lucky (Hatiras Club Edit)
6. Junior Jack - Rocktron
7. Alex Gaudino Feat Sam Obernik - Que Pasa Contigo (Nari & Milani Remix)
8. Diego Ray feat. Layla Amini - Believe In Me (Original Vocal Version)
9. Spencer & Hill - Sun is Shining (Spencer & Hill Remix)
10. Wonderland Avenue - As Good as it Gets (Emjae & Jerome Robins Remix)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Music loudness in clubs can cause serious hearing damage

Youth which often goes clubbing is exposed to high levels of risk for partial or complete deafness caused by high music noise level, new British RNID institute research study showed.
By study results, which involved 1.380 young people, 90% of them said that they had hearing problems after a night spent in the club, stating that they had either a ringing in their ears or "ear numbness".
On concerts or in clubs, young people are often exposed to a 125 dB noise level which is more over 110 dB for example how much average asphalt power drill is making.
"Young people are poorly informed about noise level safety" stated RNID deputy director John Lou adding that they could suffer complete deafness if they are regularly exposed to loud music.
DJs and other people who are working in clubs should be wearing special ear plugs which are lowering down the noise level but not the quality of the sound.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Top 100 House Singles

I've decided to make this top 100 house music singles chart to mark important songs that made some change on the global dance/house scene in 90's and 00's. This list is based on a subjective opinion and does not represent any official music record company or a label. Tracks are not ordered in any particular order and are mainly funky/club/disco/vocal house genre.

1. Eddie Amador - House Music
2. David Morales - Needin' You
3. Bob Sinclar - I Feel For You
4. Spiller - Groove Jet
5. Armand Van Helden - You Don't Even Know Me
6. Hatiras - Spaced Invader
7. Antoine Clamaran - We come to party / Do The Funk
8. Pete Heller - Big Love
9. Junior Jack - My Feelings
10. CZR - I Want You
11. Daft Punk - Revolution 909
12. Paul Johnson - Get Get Down
13. Modjo - Lady
14. Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat
15. Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
16. Ministers De-La-Funk feat. Jocelyn Brown - Believe
17. Joey Negro feat. Takka Boom - Must Be The Music
18. Cassius - Feeling For You
19. Phunkie Souls - Tha Music
20. Phats & Small - Turn Around
21. Superfunk - The Young MC
22. Discotex - I Can Cast A Spell
23. M&S presents Girl Next Door - Salsoul Nugget
24. Daft Punk - One More Time
25. Junior Jack Vs. Richard Grey - U Look Fantastic
26. Silicone Soul - Right On Right On
27. Mojolators - Drifting
28. Azzido Da Bass - Doom's Night
29. Rui Da Silva - Touch Me
30. Ian Pooley - 900 Degrees
31. Big Time Charly - Mr. Devil (Olav Basoski Remix)
32. Galleon - So, I Begin
33. ATFC - Bad Habit
34. Triple X - We feel the same
35. Daft Punk - Burnin'
36. Powerhouse - What U Need
37. Roger Sanchez - Another Chance
38. Live Element - Be Free
39. Mistique 3 - Somethings Going on
40. Negrocan - Cada Vez (Grant Nelson Vocal Remix)
41. Deep Swing - In The Music
42. Funkstar Deluxe - Walking In The Name
43. Demon vs. Heartbreaker - You Are My High
44. Barry White & Funkstar De Luxe - Let The Music Play
45. Cerrone - Give Me Love
46. Cassius - Cassius 99
47. Bob Sinclar & Salome De Bahia - Outro Lugar
48. King Unique - Change
49. Knee Deep - Funky Nassau
50. Madison Avenue - Don't Call Me Baby
51. House Of Glass - Disco Down
52. Robbie Rivera - Funkatron
53. Olav Basoski - Aha
54. Afromedusa - Pasilda
55. Bran van 3000 - Astounded
56. Groove Armada - Superstylin'
57. Junior Jack - Thrill Me
58. Santons - Camels
59. Shakedown - At Night
60. Soulsearcher - Can't Get Enough
61. Tim Deluxe - It Just Won't Do
62. Xpress 2 - Lazy
63. David Guetta - Love Don't Let Me Go
64. Junior Jack - E Samba
65. Room 5 - Make Luv
66. Fused - Saving Mary
67. Underworld - Two Months Off
68. Robbie Rivera - Bang
69. DJ Tonka - Security
70. Lee Cabrera - Shake It
71. Benny Benassi - Satisfaction
72. Kurtis Mantronix presents Chamonix - How Did You Know
73. Tom Novy feat Lima - Now Or Never
74. Pure Orchestra - U & I
75. Stonebridge - Put 'em High
76. Dave Armstrong - Make your Move
77. DJ Flex - Amazing
78. Martin Solveig - Rocking Music
79. The Ones - Flawless
80. Who Da Funk - Shiny Disco Balls
81. Dr. Kucho - Belmondo Rulez
82. Soul Providers - I Don't Know
83. Axwell - Feel The Wibe
84. Horny United - Crazy Paris
85. Boris Dlougosch - Never Enough
86. Eric Prydz - Call On Me
87. Robbie Rivera - Sex
88. Michael Gray - The Weekend
89. David Guetta - The World Is Mine
90. Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme
91. Armand Van Helden - My My My
92. Syke 'n' Sugarstarr - Ticket 2 Ride
93. Gadjo - So Many Times
94. Deep Dish - Flashdance
95. Cabin Crew - Stars to Fall
96. C Mos - 2 Million Ways
97. Rythmo Dynamix - Calinda
98. Mylo - Drop The Pressure
99. Rockefeller - Do it 2nite
100. Mambana - Libre

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Chris Lake feat. Emma Hewitt - Carry Me Away Lyrics

Down, the water holds me down, it’s like I have no weight
And now, I'm floating with the tide, the sun is on my face
And I hear you talking. I hear you speak, someone's talking saying something
But I'm on my own, there nothing left to say, it carries me away

And you call out, I can’t hear you, I can’t feel you, no I can’t feel nothing
And you call out. I can’t hear you, no I can’t hear nothing
And you all look the same, now
You all look the same, now

Now, there's nothing that I want, to take me from this place
I'm drifting further with the tide, that carries me away
And you call out, I can’t hear you, I can’t feel you, no I can’t feel nothing
And you all look the same, now
You all look the same, now

I know you're trying hard to reach me
You'll always feel the cold without me
I know you're trying hard to reach me
You'll always feel the cold without me
I know you're trying hard

Masters At Work - Work Lyrics

I want you to take your broom and swept up my yard
You better brush it good or we could fall apart

Don't give me no shortcut thing you have all day & night
I had to satisfy, so you better do it right

Work what you're waiting for
work put your back in it
work justa a little bit more
work sure you're wanting it now
work till your body's hurting
work working hard and long
work when you finish that
work I want you God damn tongue

Go down, go down, go down
Come up, come up, come up
Go down, go down, go down
Come up, come up, come up

It's what you come to do, just remember that
And don't pick me fruits, you can put them back
You start of working nice, with your big broomstick
Now you're easing back, like you're afraid of brick

Work what you're waiting for
work put your back in it
work justa a little bit more
work sure you're wanting it now
work till your body's hurting
work working hard and long
work when you finish that
work I want you God damn tongue

Go down, go down, go down
Come up, come up, come up
Go down, go down, go down
Come up, come up, come up

Oh yes, yes baby, I like the work you do on my yard
You do reel good work yard man

I find you lookin' nervous like you're afraid to fail
Now you're making excuse 'bout your feeling pain
Just don't waste my time cause you will get me mad
Have a bit down there, that could bite your broomstick hard

Work what you're waiting for
work put your back in it
work justa a little bit more
work sure you're wanting it now
work till your body's hurting
work working hard and long
work when you finish that
work I want you God damn tongue x 2

Go down, go down, go down
Come up, come up, come up
Go down, go down, go down
Come up, come up, come up x 2

Ladies, you know that if you don't have a yard man
You can't be a hard man
You know what I'm talking about
Guys you know what I'm talking about too, not so?

And if a man want to test you, tell him come, come
And if a man want to test you, tell him come, come
So if a boy want to test you, tell him come, come
And if a man want to test you, tell him come, come

Work, work, work, work, work, x 3

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Dirty South on Axtone Records

Dirty South aka Dragan Roganovic, Melbourne, Australia based DJ and Producer has signed his new track ‘Let It Go’ to Axwell's label Axtone Records. He will be the first artist signing on Axtone label. Ax said "Im proud that we managed to sign his monster track "Let it go" in time for the summer." We hope that maybe we could expect some co-op work from them in future. DS is currently touring the Europe and will be returning to Australia in November.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Benjamin Bates "Recyclomania" New Album

Benjamin Bates released his second album called "Recyclomania" on 8th of june. He's first single of this album "On my feet (This world needs more people like you)" has also been adopted by Dance4Life to support their 2007 aids campaign. All the money raised from sale of this track will go to Dance4Life. Sole album contains eleven carefully crafted Benjamin style tracks, as he believes this album has soul of its own.
If you want to preview, buy and find more about this album head over to his myspace recyclomania page,but also be sure to visit his official website at and his regular myspace page.
Enjoy his latest video.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Masters At Work - Work 2007 Video

It is the new single from Masters At Work, with vocals of Soca vocalist from Trinidad and Tobago, Denise Belfon. They were originally recorded back in 2001. Single contains commercial Club Mix but also New Milk & Sugar and Steve Mac Remixes. Louie Vega and Kenny dope had been introduced to each other by house music legend Todd Terry and formed M@W in 1990. They have a substantial discography behind themselves mostly made of remixes and producing work of artists such as R. Kelly, Janet Jackson, Daft Punk, Barbara Tucker, Madonna, Luther Vandross, Neneh Cherry, Simply Red and George Benson.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

June House Videos Update

Dada Ft Sandy Rivera & Trix - Lollipop

De Souza Ft. Shena - Guilty

Booty Luv - Shine

Sunblock - Baby Baby

(HMB) June Chart

1. Montoja feat. Miss Chianty - Love Comes Over Me (Damien Strong Remix)
2. Wawa - Zamaya
3. De Souza Feat. Shena - Guilty
4. Moguai & Tocadisco - Freaks (Moguai Mix)
5. Robert Miles - Children 2007 (Jerry Ropero Remix)
6. Wawa - Feel The Jam
7. Jay J & Friends - Where Da Party At (Dub Mix)
8. Syke N Sugarstarr - Danz (Jerry Ropero Remix)
9. Steve 'n' King - Bounce
10. Mika - Grace Kelly (Bimbo Jones Remix)

HMB New Template

So finally it is almost done, the new House Music Blog Template. It's the thing you all been waiting for (only kidding). I said "almost done" because there still will be some things needed improving. I've decided to do new tamplete from scratch on my own (graphics, css and xhtml code etc..) since I was already very much into computer graphics this past previous years, only thing i had to learn was CSS and some blogger template code. Luckily I managed to overcome that task pretty well, although it took some time. I have to apologize for some gaps in updates considering this blog. I just wanted to do it after the new design had been finished, unfortunately it was prolonged so updates had to wait a bit. Anyways, I hope visitors and readers of this blog will enjoy it and have better experience browsing it. If you bump onto some design problems or any other bugs feel free to notify me or leave a comment here.

-HMB, Vladimir

Monday, May 28, 2007

(HMB) May Chart II

1. DJ Antoine - This time/Jealousy (Extended Mix)
2. Martin Solveig - Rejection (Ian Carey Mix)
3. Dada feat. Sandy Rivera & Trix - Lollipop (The Drill Remix)
4. Philip Morgan Lewis - Love (Dr Kucho! Full Vocal Version)
5. Carnival - Not Over Yet (Wawa Remix)
6. Harlem Hustlers - Love is the answer ( Harlem Hustlers Vocal Club Mix)
7. Fergie - Glamorous (Tony Arzadon Remix)
8. Dennis Christopher - Sign Your Name (Soul Corporation Club Mix)
9. Chicane - Come Tomorrow (Soul Seekerz Club)
10. Coca and Villa - Wet Dreams (Guitar Remix)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Michael Gray - Somewhere Beyond Video

At last, Michael's new video is out for his superb track "Somwhere Beyond".
Concept is little bit different than some of his other videos.

Outwork feat Mr Gee - Elektro Video

Pa da da pom pom pom...

Heartbeat on time
To the rhythm
Elektro is fine
It can
It can
Get you moving
Moving on time
Is a new style
Jackie and Jane
See them moving
To the bass-line

Pa da da pom pom pom...

Heartbeat on time
To the rhythm
Elektro is fine
It can
It can
Get you moving
Moving on time
Is the new style
Jackie and Jane
See them
To the bass-line

Funk it on time
Make you feel fine
Open your mind
Feel it
Feel it
From the inside
Heartbeat on time
Is the rhythm
Michael and James
They can't
They can't
Get no better

Out on the floor
See them
To the bass-line
Funk it on time
Is the new style
Funk it on time
Make you feel fine
Open your mind
Feel it
Feel it
From the inside

Pa da da pom pom pom...

Monday, May 14, 2007

Richard Grey - Warped Bass (feat. Marc Almond) Video

New Richard Grey's video is out, for his track called "warped bass". If you are interested about vocals included in this track, check out this link.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Edun - Put 'Em Up Lyrics

It has probably something to do with your smile
Been sitting here watching you for a while
I wanna come over don't know what to do
Can I come near you just give me a clue

It probably is something that is in you,
You feel my emotions but what can i do,
I wanna come over just give me a sign,
You make my day I want you mine

Put, put, put 'em up, put, put 'em up
Put your hands up, can I hear you say
Do you wanna stay?

Put, put, put 'em up, put, put 'em up
Put your hands up, tell me I can stay
Now I wanna play

I cannot believe that I'm dancing with you
You got me singing a song yes you do
I'm concentrating on my next move
I come to towards you I swing to the groove

Put, put, put 'em up, put, put 'em up
Put your hands up, can I hear you say
Do you wanna stay?

Put, put, put 'em up, put, put, put 'em up
Put, put, put 'em up, put, put, put 'em up (x2)

You and I can sing a song
The night is right
and b.p.m. is strong
Put some volume on

Put, put, put it on

Wake up, party all night long
Tonight's the night
And the feeling isn't wrong
Such a delight

Put, put, put it on
Put, put it on all the way until the top
Put your hands up
I can hear you say
Baby wanna play

Put your hands up tell me I can stay
Put your hands up for the love

(HMB) May Chart

1.Ne-yo - Because of you (Sunfreakz Mix)
|| Vocal Disco House ||
2.DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark - Forever (Extended Mix)
|| Vocal Electro House ||
3.Edun - Put 'Em Up (Sunloverz Remix)
|| Vocal Electro House ||
4.Jerry Ropero & Denis the Menace - Keep Movin, Keep Groovin
|| Vocal Disco House ||
5.Hott 22 Feat. Angie Zee - Just friends (Hott 22 remix)
|| Vocal Electro House ||
6.Mr Groove And Vergas - Altered state of mind (Sunfreakz remix)
|| Vocal Electro Club House ||
8.Alanis Morissette - Uninvited (Freemasons Mix)
|| Vocal Disco House ||
9.Remaniax - Pimpin
|| Disco House ||
10.Harlem Hustlers - Feelin (Club Mix)
|| Vocal Disco House ||

Monday, May 07, 2007

Yves Larock Bio

After more than ten years in hip hop and just three years in making house music, the 28 years old, Yves “Larock” Cheminade is establishing himself as a new fresh producer in the house scene!
At the end of the 80’s, Yves started his love for music with the discovery of Hip-Hop, then he began rhyming on the mic and has never stopped since!
During the late 90’s, Yves Larock got caught by the House Music vibe.
2001, he made his debut as a house music producer in parallel with his work on Hip-Hop!
2004, he gets his first label contract with Map Dance with his infectious track “Zookey”!
But to resume it….Yves Larock’s music speaks for himself!

28 August 05

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mason - Perfect (Exceeder) Video, Lyrics

Mason Vs. Princess Superstar

123 Whoo

Let me hear you scream if you want some more
Like ahh
Push It, Push It
Watch me work it
I'm perfect (x2)

That's right I'm a superstar
Everybody wanna come up when I'm at the bar
All the people want to try
Like give me some more
Try a little harder honey
Like give me your car
Skip the bra, chill en the spa
emeiniem bars
don't care where they call
get lost getting lots of rocks
while bitches getting hot now I'm getting hot
so hot just rock the party
I'll be rock en everybody
passing the shot
baby getting on me, baby call me
baby call me

Let me hear you scream if you want some more
Like ahh
Push It, Push It
Watch me work it
I'm perfect (x2)

Check it out now

The Looks
The Lips
The Hips
The Taste
The Hair
The Eyes
The Skin
The Waist

You can see what I can do on this microphone
So guess what I'm gonna do to you at home (x2)

Perfection hahaaa
123 Whoo

Let me hear you scream if you want some more
Like ahh
Push It, Push It
Watch me work it
I'm perfect (x2)

(Perfect, perfect, perfect, I'm perfect )

4321 Whoo

Let me hear you scream if you want some more
Like ahh
Push It, Push It
Watch me work it
I'm perfect ha ha...

Friday, May 04, 2007

Yves Larock - Zookey Video

Absolute 2006 Summer Hit. Enjoy!

Yves Larock - Rise Up Lyrics

My dream is to fly
Over the rainbow so high

My dream is to fly
Over the rainbow so high

My dream is to fly
Over the rainbow so high

eh.. eh.. eh..
over the rainbow so high.

My dream is to fly
Over the rainbow so high (x4)

Rise Up
don't falling down again

Rise Up
long time I broke the chains.

I try to fly a while so high
direction's sky

I try to fly a while so high
direction's sky

My dream is to fly
Over the rainbow so high (x4)

Allen & Heath Xone:3D

The Xone:3D is a unique performance DJ controller that for the first time enables the seamless integration of computer-based digital media into the traditional DJ workspace. Combining a fully featured, high specification professional analogue DJ mixer with a comprehensive MIDI control system and a high end multi-channel USB soundcard, the Xone:3D has been designed in conjunction with some of the world’s most cutting-edge DJ/producers.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

DJ DLG Live Mix April 2007

80 Minutes Live Mix from DJ DLG is available for download at this address. Some of the artist featured on this mix are DLG himself, Lifelike, Gabriel & Dresdan, Moral Squad, Kavinski, Melee, Klaxons, Vanshe, Eric Prydz, Kris Menace, NY-LON, Livyo and many others.

Also DJ DLG finished remixing Michael's Gray "Somewhere Beyond", which is one of my favorite tracks currently. So I can't wait until these remixes are out... Oh, oh, and I almost forgot, soon to be out "Spencer & Hill - Get It On (DJ DLG Remix)" on Kontor records, Germany. Just Great!

For more news & updates on DJ DLG check out his page
or his blog
or maybe even his myspace page
where you can preview some of his music.

(HMB) April Chart II

1. Spencer & Hill - Get It On (Club Mix)
|| Vocal Club House ||
2. A Lee ft. Amanda Wilson - Gotta Let Go (Original Vocal Mix)

|| Vocal Electro House ||
3. Yves Larock - Rise Up (Club Mix)
|| Vocal House ||
4. Freemasons - Nothing But A Heartache
|| Disco House ||
5. MC Mario Feat. Nancy Martinez - Not Guilty (Loud & Proud Remix)
|| Vocal Disco House ||
6. Cosmic Rockerz Vs Hard Fi - Going Out Tonight
|| Club House ||
7. Milk & Sugar - Higher & Higher (2007 Club Mix)
|| Vocal Disco House ||
8. Andrea T. Mendoza feat. Manuela - Put Your Hands Up (Club Mix)
|| Disco House ||
9. Paris Avenue - Feel It (Extended Mix)
|| Vocal Club House ||
10. Juicy Vox - Straight Up (Ian Carey Remix)
|| Vocal Electro House ||

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Boob phones

Received this picture from a friend... :)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Eric Prydz's site is up.

You can visit his site at It's nice flash based web site done by "good-creative" design agency. Flash web technology is most popular choice for showcasing the work of every artist, especially because its multimedia abilities. So if you wish to find out something new about Prydz or maybe check out what is currently doing just surf right in...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

(HMB) April Chart

1. Alibi Vs Rockefeller – Sexual Healing (Freemasons Vocal Mix)
2. Leisure Groove - Fallen Angel (Sunloverz Remix)
3. Spencer & Hill - When The Lights Turn Off (Club Mix)
4. Chris Lawyer & Thomy - We Gonna Feel It (Extended Mix)
5. Muriel Fowler - Rhythm Is A Dancer (Original Vocal Mix)
6. Clubworxx - Tanga Strings (Main Mix)
7. The Hoxtons - Make You A Star (Hoxton Whores Remix)
8. Eric Prydz - Kings Of Prydzopolis
9. September - Looking For Love (Extended Version)
10. Taio Cruz - I Just Wanna Know (Bimbo Jones Vocal Mix)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bon Garcon - Freek U (Full Intention Radio Edit)

Huge club hit from 2005. Nice funky remix from Full Intention.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Kaskade - Be Still

Great music video following up a great song from one of the last year's best vocal house album by San Francisco based DJ and Producer Ryan Raddon aka Kaskade.

It's nice when the heart
The heart is beating faster
Feeling alive when there is wanting
Always the same
I jump too quickly
Be still my soul

It's love so serious
The more we think
The less we know
It's love mysterious
Holding tight
When we should let go

Now that this love
Has overcome me
Now that this fire
Is burning bright
All of these words
Seem just beyond my reasoning

Be still my soul

Saturday, March 24, 2007

(HMB) March Chart

1. Wawa Pres Sharon May Linn Vs Sergio D'angelo - I Got Fever (Wawa Remix)
2. Flanders - By My Side (Deflect Original Mix)
3. Akon feat. Eminem - Smack That (MT Junior Remix)
4. Jojo - Too Little Too Late (Raul Rincon Vocal Version)
5. Chris Lake and Micky Slim - Shake (Rhythm Code Remix)
6. Ron Carroll Produced By Richard Grey - Come In To My Life (New Original Mix)
7. T-Street - We Love House (Original Mix)
8. Carnival - Not Over Yet (Jerry Ropero Remix)
9. Wilder & Clarke Feat. Katherine Ellis - Stand Up (Dennis Christopher Remix)
10. Abe Duque - What Happened

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ian Carey

He has sold well over 1 million records across all formats. He has DJed on all continents of the world from Thailand to Canada to Russia to the Ukraine, to Japan, Australia, South Africa, South America and of course all over Europe and North America. He has been a regular on the Defected in the House parties and Hed Kandi Clubnights in different locations around the world. His discography, label associations and partners read off like a VIP guest list for a Miami Winter Music Conference Industry Party. But…he didn’t reach this status by just slappin’ records on the decks. For those not in the know, Ian Carey is and has been over the past couple years a key player in the house scene in the USA, Europe and Beyond. He is a DJ at heart with a rich musical history passed down through bloodlines. He has produced hits such as Soul Providers – “Rise”, Soul Providers “I Don’t Know” and the current anthems Saturated Soul – “Got To Release” and Ian Carey “The Power” both on Defected Records and “Say What You Want” on Nero Records Sweden. He is remixing constantly for labels such as Defected, Stealth Records, Fluential Records, Manifesto Records, Eye Industries, Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, Universal, EMI and others and of course his very own imprints GFAB Records and Ëlan Recordings. Keep your eye on Ian as he Rise, Rise, Rises to the top.

Text taken from

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Custom made crystal DJ headphones

Almost everyone knows that custom made jewelry is very popular with music, tv, movie stars and other rich folks, finally this form of expression made it's way into house music scene in a form of customizing precious DJ tools with crystals. Long time ago Technics made gold-plated 1210 turntables. Nowadays, popular dj things are customized crystal DJ headphones. If you look really good you can see them on famous house dj's and producers like Axwell or Roger Sanchez are. Axwell got his headphones as gift ordered by his girlfriend. Are days near when DJ's will own customized crystal mixer or some other parts of equipment? If you want to order yours headphones, you can visit

Basement Jaxx - Take Me Back To Your House Video

Basement Jaxx - Take Me Back To Your House Video

Live Version @ Conan O'Brian's Show

Some years ago Basement Jaxx used to be a prominent name in house music, unfortunately for us house lovers, they've changed and experimented a lot with their sound. Their music could be ranked as some sort of etno-r'n'b-dance-electronic music. Though still, this track and video from their latest album "Crazy Itch Radio" deserves to be listed here, and could be characterized as ethno sound flavored house track.

Monday, February 19, 2007

(HMB) February Chart

1. Full Intention - I believe in you (Vocal Radio Edit)
2. Straw Dogz - Young and Lonely (Little Rascals Mix)
3. Kaskade - Stars Align (Tom Novy Mix)
4. Yves Larock Vs Discokidz - Something On Your Mind (Eddie Thoneick Remix)
5. Michael Gray - Somewhere Beyond
6. Shapeshifters - If In Doubt Go Out (Extended Mix)
7. Sebastien Leger & Chris Lake - Auqualight
8. Get Physical - Get Physical (htfunk011)
9. Junior Jack - See You Dancin' (Original Club Mix)
10. The Tabledancers - I Lost Your Love (Original Mix)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chris Lake - Carry Me Away Promo

Another new single from Chris Lake is coming out, as it is planned it will be out on march 2007. If you are one of the lucky ones who can get a hold of the promo single than you already know what is coming up. For the rest of us, all of you can point your browsers to Chris's myspace page and preview the whole new track there. It is awesome melow melodic house track with beautiful female vocals. It already grabbed my attention and it is highly addictive. Way to go Chris.