Monday, July 23, 2007

July House Videos Update 3

The Shapeshifters - Pusher

A bit different trancy electro house style from The Shapeshifter, but not poorer with quality or house music experience. Vocals are just great as usuall. Youtube description says this video was filmed in Margaret Thatcher's nuclear bunker! Is this confirmed info? :) Enjoy it!

Sunfreakz Feat. Andrea Britton - Counting Down The Days

I simply love this track. It just radiates that pure house summer feeling with especially excellent lyrics and vocals from Andrea Britton. Sunfreakz is a project from Belgian producer Tim Janssens, who first made trance music and just few years afterwards shifted to house.

Paris Avenue - Feel It

Pumping groove sound from Paris Avenue, a follow-up to top 20 hits "I Want You" and "In My Mind". Personally my favorite is "In My Mind", nothing beats that powerful synth melody

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