Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Music loudness in clubs can cause serious hearing damage

Youth which often goes clubbing is exposed to high levels of risk for partial or complete deafness caused by high music noise level, new British RNID institute research study showed.
By study results, which involved 1.380 young people, 90% of them said that they had hearing problems after a night spent in the club, stating that they had either a ringing in their ears or "ear numbness".
On concerts or in clubs, young people are often exposed to a 125 dB noise level which is more over 110 dB for example how much average asphalt power drill is making.
"Young people are poorly informed about noise level safety" stated RNID deputy director John Lou adding that they could suffer complete deafness if they are regularly exposed to loud music.
DJs and other people who are working in clubs should be wearing special ear plugs which are lowering down the noise level but not the quality of the sound.