Sunday, June 24, 2007

HMB New Template

So finally it is almost done, the new House Music Blog Template. It's the thing you all been waiting for (only kidding). I said "almost done" because there still will be some things needed improving. I've decided to do new tamplete from scratch on my own (graphics, css and xhtml code etc..) since I was already very much into computer graphics this past previous years, only thing i had to learn was CSS and some blogger template code. Luckily I managed to overcome that task pretty well, although it took some time. I have to apologize for some gaps in updates considering this blog. I just wanted to do it after the new design had been finished, unfortunately it was prolonged so updates had to wait a bit. Anyways, I hope visitors and readers of this blog will enjoy it and have better experience browsing it. If you bump onto some design problems or any other bugs feel free to notify me or leave a comment here.

-HMB, Vladimir

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