Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ian Carey

He has sold well over 1 million records across all formats. He has DJed on all continents of the world from Thailand to Canada to Russia to the Ukraine, to Japan, Australia, South Africa, South America and of course all over Europe and North America. He has been a regular on the Defected in the House parties and Hed Kandi Clubnights in different locations around the world. His discography, label associations and partners read off like a VIP guest list for a Miami Winter Music Conference Industry Party. But…he didn’t reach this status by just slappin’ records on the decks. For those not in the know, Ian Carey is and has been over the past couple years a key player in the house scene in the USA, Europe and Beyond. He is a DJ at heart with a rich musical history passed down through bloodlines. He has produced hits such as Soul Providers – “Rise”, Soul Providers “I Don’t Know” and the current anthems Saturated Soul – “Got To Release” and Ian Carey “The Power” both on Defected Records and “Say What You Want” on Nero Records Sweden. He is remixing constantly for labels such as Defected, Stealth Records, Fluential Records, Manifesto Records, Eye Industries, Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, Universal, EMI and others and of course his very own imprints GFAB Records and Ëlan Recordings. Keep your eye on Ian as he Rise, Rise, Rises to the top.

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