Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Custom made crystal DJ headphones

Almost everyone knows that custom made jewelry is very popular with music, tv, movie stars and other rich folks, finally this form of expression made it's way into house music scene in a form of customizing precious DJ tools with crystals. Long time ago Technics made gold-plated 1210 turntables. Nowadays, popular dj things are customized crystal DJ headphones. If you look really good you can see them on famous house dj's and producers like Axwell or Roger Sanchez are. Axwell got his headphones as gift ordered by his girlfriend. Are days near when DJ's will own customized crystal mixer or some other parts of equipment? If you want to order yours headphones, you can visit www.blingaffair.com


nicky said...

Amazing find! A truly original and inventive provider of customized crystallization in Europe is Bling My Thing. It’s a Berlin-based company, run by Japanese designer Ayano Kimura. They’ve only recently been joined by Kellie deFries, former chief designer of Crystallicing.com . They are now presenting their beautiful artwork to a global market, this is one company to watch. They've already helped launch the x-box and iPhone in Europe and have designed mobile phones for Paris Hilton and Bruce Willis.
Look at these amazing results! --> www.bling-my-thing.com! Very original!

kimberly said...

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