Sunday, August 12, 2007

August House Videos Update

Edun - Put 'em Up

Shame I didn't put this video on sooner. It's such a good vocal house/dance track. Lyrics can be found on this page.

Fireball vs Bob Sinclar - What I Want

I've put this video just because beautiful sights and maybe because of its mild connection with the house sound. No one can say that the latest Bob Sinclar's work is bad or lacks of quality, I just think this man slowly drifted into more commercial dance music waters away from quality house tracks he used to produce. Still, this is a catchy tune and also I can't believe how big, husky guy can have such a gentle voice :). Enjoy!

DJ Jean - Sexy Lady

Some power electro house from DJ Jean. This guy is very well known on Dutch hard trance scene, so it is interesting to hear some house works from him. Pretty good tune, thumbs up!

Kanye West and Daft Punk - Stronger

There is a one word that can describe Daft Punk and it is "Legends". This new video feautrues blend of electronic and hiphop music alongside with new lyrics from Kanye West. Really interesting.


Dmitry Kichenko said...

I'm a big Daft Punk fan but man, I wish they baked some new tracks with analog synths in them as opposed to recycling an old track which wasn't quite original to begin with.

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