Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New 2007 !

I would like to wish Happy New Year 2007 to every visitor of this blog, and also all house music fans all around the globe. Have a good new housey 2007 year!


Dmitry Kichenko said...

Great job with the weblog! Keep up the great work!

By the way, do you know any good electronic music weblogs? I listen to prog and occasional trance as well, and it's easy to drown in the sea of weblogs.

Thanks! :)

vladimir fv said...

Thank you very much for your comment and support Dimitry, I very much appreciate it!
I have much plans with this blog, i hope it will grow to be more better. First step would be improving design and more quality content.

Interesting question you asked, Besides my primary genre house I also listen to some trance, minimal techno and some other electronic music genres. Unfortunately to say I haven't discovered any quality and regular updated electronic music web logs yet that i could track on, but I am on a constant lookout. So If I found some I ll be happy to message you or I will just post them up here in my links section.
For now I can post you some quick links that i bumped on to during quick search